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Visit the Ana Luis Salon
Visit the Ana Luis Salon

We can update your cut and color.

We design for you
We design for you

Your hair is a great accessorie.

Men need style too
Men need style too

Get the cut and style that you need.

Visit the Ana Luis Salon
Visit the Ana Luis Salon

We can update your cut and color.

Please arrive with clean hair for Haircut services. We have temporarily discontinued Blow Dry Styling and Shampoos due to COVID-19 safety precautions. We will resume these services when we safely can. See "Safe & Well" page.

 Our Hairstylists are all friendly and talented. It's a requirement. They will listen and then advise you on a haircut or style that suits you best. Our salon team consists of educated cosmetologists who are professional and approachable. We have varying levels of experience and education with corresponding pricing. Our entry-level stylists charge the least and our top-level stylists charge more based on their education and experience. Every haircut is personalized to work with your hair texture, facial structure and styling needs. Our talented stylists will use razors and shears to add shape, texture and versatility, revealing your hair's full potential. Advanced education allows us to subtly enhance or dramatically transform your hair color. We welcome men, women and children.                         

Greatest Hair Salon Saginaw,MI


* Prices may be adjusted based on the amount of time, product and expertise required. We do not discriminate based on age or sex. Exact quotes are available upon in person consultaions.


Nervous? We understand. We would like to meet you, answer your questions and listen to your ideas. We can give you expert advice and share our ideas. From there we can book the appropriate services and time.                      

HAIRCUT WITH BLOW DRY STYLING     Jr. Stylist $29 / Stylist $35 / Senior Stylist $45 +

Consultation, shampoo, conditioner, haircut and blow dry hairstyling.         


BLOW DRY STYLING     Jr. Stylist $19 / Stylist $24 / Senior Stylist $30 +

Shampoo, conditioner, product application, blow dry with brushes and hot tools. 


SPEECIAL OCCASION STYLING (UP-DO)     Jr. Stylist $39 / Stylist $49 / Senior Stylist $59 +

Product application, hot tool styling and pinning of hair as desired. 


COLOR RETOUCH     Jr. Stylist $33 / Stylist $43 / Senior Stylist $53

This one-step hair coloring of new growth area is essential for maintaining a vibrant and even color tone. Does not include styling or haircut.                                                                    

PARTIAL FOIL HILIGHT     Jr. Stylist $59 / Stylist $69 / Senior Stylist $79

Add thin or bold streaks of contrasting color to enhance an area of your cut. Does not include styling or haircut.                                                                     

FULL FOIL HILIGHTS     Jr. Stylist $69 /Stylist $79 / Senior Stylist $89

Add generous and evenly placed streaks of contrasting color to your whole cut. Does not include styling or haircut.                                                                     

BALAYAGE     Jr. Stylist $79 /Stylist $99 / Senior Stylist $119 +

This hand painted technique adds subtle to bold layers of gradient and soft hilights to your cut. Seamless and sun-kiseed glow is the result. Does not include styling or haircut.                                     


So your color did not turn out as desired. We can help. This can be as easy as changing the tone or as difficult as removing the not so pretty color, applying lightener, toning and conditioning. Pricing is available upon consultation.

Best Hair Salon Saginaw, MI
Greatest Hair color Saginaw, MI