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Ana Luis Spa Packages are designed to give you a full day of indulgence or a couple of hours of escape and relaxation. Spa packages are a great value since all spa packaged services have been discounted, include all tips and start at only $99. We have assembled groupings of great services that are sure to please. Our spa packages are a perfect gift for a much needed retreat or a well-deserved reward.  


*For your convenience the gratuities are included in the price of our spa packages. If you give one of our spa packages as a gift, it is a true gift with every detail taken care of for them.

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Because you care
Because you care

Show them how special the are

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Give an experience!

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Give a spa experience
Give a spa experience

Wellness and beautyare the ultimate gift

Because you care
Because you care

Show them how special the are



* Prices may be adjusted based on the amount of time, product and expertise required. We do not discriminate based on age or sex. Exact quotes are available upon in person consultaions.

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THE MINI GET-AWAY     5 hours / $319

Escape from everyday stress with a facial of choice, sauna session, 60-minute massage, body treatment of choice, hairstyle, makeup application and a light lunch.

DAY OF BEAUTY     4 hours / $249   

ULTIMATE SPA RETREAT     4 hours / $205    Best seller

GET-AWAY     3 hours / $159

GENTLEMAN'S RETREAT     3 hours / $159

RESTORE     2.5 hours / $150

MOTHER'S CREATIVE JOURNEY     2.5 hours / $140

Need to be reinvented? Enjoy a complete makeover with a sauna session, 30-minute massage, Basic Facial, brow design, haircut and style, makeup lesson and a light lunch.

This is ultimate combination of head-to-toe pampering, literally! Experience a 30-minute sauna session, 60 minute massage, Basic Facial and basic manicure and pedicure.

A great way to get swept away from reality for a few hours as you enjoy a sauna session, Basic Facial , 60-minute Ana Luis massage and a light lunch.

This package is tailored specifically for men. The Gentleman's Retreat includes sauna session, gentleman's facial, 60-minute massage and a custom tailored man's haircut. A package truly fit for a king. ​

Restore you body, skin and hair with our treatments. Experience a detoxifying sauna, 30 minute aroma massage, introductory facial, deep conditioning and blow dry styling of your hair. You will look and feel great

A wonderful way for pre and post-natal mothers to relax and alleviate discomforts. This spa package includes Ana Luis Facial, pregnancy massage and a light lunch. 

This package offers a dose of revitalization. It includes sauna session, 30-minute massage, basic manicure and express pedicure.

Literally head-to-toe pampering that begins with our Ana Luis Facial. During your facial receive a pressure point foot massage that will relax and invigorate your entire body.

Indulge in a head-to-toe pampering of your choice. Choose from a 60-minute massage or a Basic Facial with a basic manicure and basic pedicure and a 30-minute sauna session.​

EXPRESS     2 hours / $99     Top seller

HEAD-TO-TOE     1.25 hours / $99

SPA RETREAT     2.5 hours / $145     Top seller

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Perfect gifts are always ready for you! It's instant, easy and convenient.

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