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"Best Hair Salon"

"Best Haircut in Mid-Michigan"


Enter the private repose of our second floor spa and surrender... mind, body and soul. Our Spa has been voted "Greatest Day Spa" in the Great Lakes Bay Region and first place "Best Massage". Upon consultation we will use the proper therapeutic techniques for each individual massage. Whether you need a light de-stressing or deeper therapeutic work, our therapists can deliver the right modality of massage. Our therapists will listen, advise and ask pertinent questions to assess your needs to ensure outstanding results. Let our massage therapist personalize a therapy to meet your individual needs. 


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* Prices may be adjusted based on the amount of time, product and expertise required. We do not discriminate based on age or sex. Exact quotes are available upon in person consultaions.

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ANA LUIS MASSAGE                             30 min/ $45,   60 min/ $75,   90 min/ $115  

Tailored to your needs upon consultation. Utilizes Sewdish, shiatsu & other effective techniques to reduce pain, stress and tension.            

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE                     60min / $85,   90min / $130

Intended to free congestion of the muscle attachments and revive elasticity and range of motion. Great for the physically active.                      

CBD OIL MASSAGE     Now only $10 with any massage

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Absorbs into the skin and targets canabinoid receptors in the skin's mast cells and nerve fibers giving  localized benefits for muscles, tendons and skin tissue. CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation, pain and stress. Does not contain THC.          

COUPLES MASSAGE     $85 each / $75 each without sauna

Share a one hour Ana Luis Massage with your partner or friend in our relaxing massage suite. To enhance this treatment, we've included  a 30-minute Infrared Sauna session for both of you to share.                                                                  

PRENATAL MASSAGE     45 min / $65

Mom to be can experience reduced, pain, leg cramping and stress. Soothing and relaxing. (2nd & 3rd trimester only)           

HEALING STONE THERAPY     75 min / $115

Heated basalt stones are strategically placed to produce healing by reducing muscle stress and tension. Relax with this cozy, earth body connecting experience.                         


This aroma therapy scalp massage relaxes scalp muscles, relieves sinus pressure and head pain as well as neck and shoulder tension.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY     30 min / $45

This acupressure foot massage releases tension and improves the physical balance of the entire body.


Quick alleviation of stress of the back, shoulders and neck while fully clothed. Fits into any schedule.

SEA SALT BODY POLISH     60 min / $89

Uses natural ingredients to exfoliate away dead skin cells while increasing circulation. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

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