"Best Hair Salon"

"Best Haircut in Mid-Michigan"


We have done the research and testing (on human clients) of all of our hair and facial products and can give you a precise recommendation. We have very high standards and so do you. All of our products are made in the USA, are a good value and perform. Our selection of products changes from time to time to keep up with innovative and effective ingredients and technologies. Our goal is for you to be able to use the same great products that we use at Ana Luis Salon & Day Spa on a daily basis. Let us introduce you to your new favorite products.  


Professional haircare + tools for a lifestyle of self-expression 
and hair rebellion against conformity and the mundane. amika products are like a good friend - straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with. They are kind-of obsessed with this “superfruit” Sea Buckthorn Berry, so it is in every amika haircare and styling product. They are always on a quest for new technologies and ingredients to deliver high-performing products.  amkia has several collections to meet all of your hair's needs such as color, texture, hold, detox, smooth, volume and curl. Our  stylists can show you the perfect combination of products for your unique hair. These products are vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free  and free from sulfates, MIT, MCI, phthalates and artificial colors.


Ana Luis is proud to offer our own exclusive line of scientifically formulated skin care products named Ciencia Bella. Our products will improve, balance and maintain the beauty of your skin. Our skin care specialists will use and prescribe the perfect combination of products for the sensitive, renewal, oil-free and hydrating systems. These wonderful products are designed to meet our high-standards of quality and effectiveness, while still providing a great value.


Sensitive System

Filled with calming botanicals, antioxidants and proteins, this formula is ideal for nourishing and soothing sensitive skin.


Renewal System

Filled with alpha/beta hydroxy acids and skin-friendly botanicals, this formula is balanced for all skin types.


 Oil-free System

Filled with cleansing botanicals, enzymes and acids, this formula is ideal for balancing and improving oily and congested skin.


Hydrating System

Filled with nourishing botanicals, lipids, proteins and vitamins, this formula is ideal for dry skin that is beginning to show signs of aging.​

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