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Ana Luis Salon & Day Spa feels that together we can bring about change in the world around us. We have been fortunate to have many unique opportunities to make charitable donations to many local and national organizations. We donate to many of our community's charitable causes and give priority to our clients requests.                 





Ana Luis founded the Unlocking Hope Fundraiser in 2006.        Every year we hold and host this charitable event to benefit charity. The Ana Luis Team donates their time and talents to perform services for this event. 100% of all monies raised to is given to a charitable organization during this annual event. To date we have raised over $24,000 for others. Please join us at our next fundraiser.                 

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Unlocking Hope is on March 15, 2023. Join us! 100% of all dollars raised will benefit Mustard Seed Shelter! Ana Luis Salon & Day Spa and team will host and donate their time and talents to make this event a success. All of our great services like massage, facials, hair cuts & color and nail services will be offered. Book you appointments, enjoy great services and know that every dollar paid will go to a wonderful local charity. We will also have a raffle that yo can enter beginning in January. The raffle prize will consist of products valued at over $900. Enter to win! We will promote this event on social,  media, so follow us. Thanks so much for your support of our team's charitable efforts! 

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The Mustard Seed Shelter of Saginaw will again be the recipient of all funds raised during our Unlocking Hope Fundraiser. "We water the seeds of inner strength in women experiencing homelessness so they can make a better life for themselves." - Mustard Seed Shelter. Find out more about this fine organization>              



Please answer ALL questions and meet the request guidelines below to have your donation request submitted for consideration. Please provide the names of those who are clients in Ana Luis Salon & Day Spa's database.

  • Are you a current client of ours? Please let us know for priority consideration.

  • ​Requests must be made in writing (see Contact) or emailed to

  • Allow at least 45 days notice before the charitable event

  • Provide pertinent information about the charity, cause or event

  • What percentage of each dollar donated is spent on program expenses (percentage the charity spends on programs & services delivered)?

  • Do at least 80% of funds raised directly support program expenses? (include supportive documentation) 

  • How will the donation be spent or used?

  • Will the donation be applied locally?

  • Are you or others making the request active clients of ours? (Clients get priority consideration if applicable)

  • Provide the charity's tax ID# to identify it as a non-profit organization

  • Provide all contact information                                                                                                                                  Please include all of the above to have your donation request considered    


        989-799-8900          Select 0 to speak with a team member ASAP

EMAIL Send it to our inbox.


    PO Box 6333          Saginaw, MI 48608-6333 Send it to our mailbox


analuisdayspa is our handle. Message us.

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