"Best Hair Salon"

"Best Haircut in Mid-Michigan"



* Prices may be adjusted based on the amount of time, product and expertise required. We do not discriminate based on age or sex. Exact quotes are available upon in person consultaions.

BRAZILIAN  BIKINI     $75 to $85

Experience no hair down there. All hair is sugared off in front and back of bikini area.                                             

BIKINI     $40 to $45     

Hair is sugared off around and outside of the front of the bikini area. Get swimsuit ready.                                         

BROWS     $18 to $20

Get the perfect arch for your brows.                                                                                                                        

BROW & LIP     $25 to $28

Get the perfect arch for your brows and remove unwanted hair from your upper lip.                                            

FULL LEGS     $65 to $85

Get silky smooth legs with our sugaring service.                                                                                            

HALF LEGS     $40 to $52

Get silky smooth legs from the knee down with our sugaring service.                                                              

FULL ARMS     $25 to $33

Smooth and silky arms are reachable with our sugaring service.                                                                              

UNDERARMS     $25 to $33

Shave no more. Try this sugaring service.                                                                                                            

CHEST     $45 to $59

Whether it is a few pathches or thick coverage, we can sugar it bare.                                                                       

BACK     $45 to $59

Look great even when you are walking away.                                                                                                       

LASH TINT     $25 to $33

BROW TINT      $16 to $18

Special eye-safe tint is applied to darken lashes for weeks. Skip the masacara with lash tinting.

Tint is applied to darken brows for weeks. Brows are defined and look fuller.

Look & Feel Incredible